7 Awesome Photos Every Parent Should Take

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We've narrowed down the funniest, most unique and down right cutest photo ideas on Instagram to come up with the 7 most awesome photos every parent should take! Share with friends and family, and let us know what you think!


7. Dogs and Cats and Babies, O My!

Coming in at number seven are some of the cutest pet photos on Instagram you've ever seen! If your an #animallover and/or pet owner, we know you've taken a photo like this. After all your photo album is not complete without it.



6. Sneaky baby!

Let's face it...our kids can be pretty #sneaky. They will get into your makeup bag, pull out the pots and pans, and every once in a while they will leave you scratching your head wondering how they climbed onto there...Wait! Is that little boy in a washing machine?



5. The Bed Head

We can't help but pull out the camera when our little one wakes up looking like she went through a tornado. If we don't snap a pic now, (and immediately post on our social media), how will we ever remind her she didn't always care about the way she looked :) Don't forget the hastag! #messyhairdontcare



4. Get in my belly!

Things tend to get messy at dinnertime, (and during breakfast, lunch, snack and dessert). The truth is, we all love those #messylittlefaces. So don't be too quick to grab a napkin or the broom. These photos make great keepsakes!



3. Goofball

The best part about being a kid is that you're allowed to be #goofy (most of the time). So when your little one is goofing around, snap a pic! And remember, it's ok to be #silly...so get in the photo too! Why should the kids have all the fun?




2. The "Momarazzi"

Yes! You are not the only #Momarazzi out there! Here's a new trend and let's be honest...we love it! These collage photos of our children rocking their cute outfits are the best. Next time you're thinking "he/she looks so cute in this!" get them to strike a pose and snap away!



1. Baby Muggin

Our number one pick for baby photos on Instagram - #babymuggin. Here are some cool pics of parents who are really thinking out of the box while taking photos and creating a memory keepsake unlike any other. In the end, those are truly the best photos!



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