About Us

Who We Are

Starting TreasureKnit® was easy because it was the perfect answer to a problem many share. Everyone we spoke with seemed to have a difficult time of dreaming up "the perfect gift". Questions like "What can we get for those people that have everything?", "What can I get Mom for her 65th birthday?", "Sammy and Sara are going to have their new baby, what is an appropriate and meaningful gift?", " Christmas is coming - Mom & Dad should have something that they would treasure..." And so the company was born. Treasure your memories everyday. Forever.

One of the partner's wives came up with the word "TreasureKnit" which explained the first blanket we brought to market. What if we could put a memorable photograph into something that warms and melts the heart?


    Why We Do What We Do

    If you're like us, you're pretty serious about life's most memorable moments captured in a photo. Here at TreasureKnit®, we believe that photographs should be treasured forever - so that's what we do. We take your photographs and print or weave them into photo blankets so that your image and memories will never fade.

    From the moment you place your order until you receive it at your doorstep, our team is working hard to ensure you receive a fabulous product. Each order is handled with the upmost care and specially crafted for guaranteed satisfaction.    

    And now our passion has evolved to discovering exquisite photogifts for all your gift giving needs - whether for a loved one, family or friend (and most important, for yourself!). We continue to marry the utmost quality manufacturing and style to bring you the world's best photo blankets and other special personalized unique gifts.


    Our Guarantee

    "Better to explain the price than apologize for the quality."

    We're not sure where that old business expression comes from, but it's our mantra to a "T". We take serious attention to detail when creating each and every individual TreasureKnit®. When it comes to any gift, we believe that you expect exceptional quality. As such, we develop products to enjoy in a manner which warms and melts the heart, to enjoy for a lifetime. We use the best construction materials and methods, knowing full well that it may make some of our TreasureKnit® products a bit more expensive than others. And to our customers, that's important......because when you give the gift of a TreasureKnit®, you're creating a treasure to last forever, a memory that will never fade.