Gift Ideas

Why send a TreasureKnit® as a gift? First of all, TreasureKnit® photo blankets are a delightful departure from the common gift. Whether of a cherished pets or a loved one, a TreasureKnit® warms up a room immediately with a touch of grace. Perfect for home or work, TreasureKnit® photoblankets are great for anyone interested in capturing a memory forever.

Why give a TreasureKnit® photo blanket as a gift? Well it just so happens, we have made it easier for you by giving you some suggestions. Actually, these gift giving ideas come from the many unique ways that people have thought of to give photoblankets as gifts. Of course it is just a short list of ideas, but you can certainly add to the list with your own ideas. There really is no better gift to give, than to give one that just keeps on giving and one that is personalized. Take a look around for your favorite picture and you will have the perfect gift for someone who has everything.

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