How to Order

Ordering Online (Upload a Digital Photograph)

Get started by choosing Products from the Menu Bar above. Select the product you would like and click on our Customize It! button. You will be prompted to upload your photograph during the ordering process. Kindly note that your image must meet the file requirements below.

File Requirements

  • JPG only. If you do not know how to convert an image to *.JPG, kindly refer to the software that is supplied with your camera or on your computer
  • When saving your cropped image as a jpeg file, ensure that the file size is between (200 kb-2MB) (minimum 200KB kilobytes) and maximum 2MB (megabytes)). It is in your interest to submit a file size of at least 1MB
  • Is Your Image File bigger than 2MB?Don't be concerned! Feel free to have our graphic design team transform your file into 2MB for you to upload your photo! Just click here - and attach your photo and we’ll send it back to you in the right size! Please note we can only shrink down your image…we cannot increase its file size

Advanced Users (Professional Photographers / Graphic Designers)

  • Photo vs Image. We accept photo images, drawn images, logos, etc.
  • Matching Colors. Do not be concerned with matching color profiles as our technology does not see this information. TreasureKnits simulate shades of basic colors
  • Orientation. Your TreasureKnit will be manufactured in an orientation solely dependent on the orientation of the subject in the image sent. If your photograph is in landscape (horizontal) orientation, your TreasureKnit will be made in landscape (horizontal) orientation. If your photograph is in portrait (vertical) orientation, your TreasureKnit will be made in portrait (vertical) orientation
  • Aspect Ratios. Take the dimensions of the product you will be purchasing, divide by 10, and crop to the aspect ratio size. Adjust for Landscape or Portrait (i.e. the TreasureKnit Color Blanket is 50"x60", thus ratio is 5:6)
  • File Type. must be saved as JPG only
  • Image Mode. must be saved as RBG only. Our system cannot accept uploads of CMYK and will reject the file
  • File Size. TreasureKnit does not use an enlarging process so the file does NOT need be a RAW 40MB file. We can reproduce a beautiful TreasureKnit from from a minimum 200Kb image file if necessary. Our upload system will refuse files larger than 2MB.