Team Photo Blanket

Unique Sports Team Gift

Imagine all the Soccer Moms on gameday, each sitting on their very own personalized TK team photo blanket of the kids' team! While a sports team photo blanket makes a must-have collectible for each family it's also perfect for an end-of-the-year banquet or awards gift to the players, the coaches, and especially the parents. Sure you can always do the trophies and plaques route, but now there's a better way to celebrate your League Championships!

Immortalize your team's spirit and that winning feeling by assembling your sports team picture within a TK team picture blanket. Personalize your TreasureKnit® sports team photo blanket with the team name, coach's name and year - and if you are a wizard with photo software, just add your team's logo! TK sports team photo blankets are the ultimate way to display your team's pride, whether the champion of the league or champion of team spirit.

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