Photo FAQ's

Will My Photo Work?

What are the photo requirements for an acceptable image?

Your photograph must meet these five (5) requirements!

  1. Subject Matter. The main subject of your photo should occupy a minimum of 50-80% of the entire photograph (i.e. a closeup of a face).
  2. Picture Quality. The quality of the photo (i.e. clarity, brightness, spottiness) will affect the final product. If your photo is blurry, the TreasureKnit will be blurry. If there are white flash spots on the faces in your image, the white spots will appear even brighter in your TreasureKnit.
  3. Contrast. The main subject of your photo should be noticeably different in color/contrast from the background within the photo (i.e. it is difficult to see a black dog sitting on a black sofa in a dark room).
  4. No Fancy Stuff. Do not send photographs which have professionally printed borders, fading, snow effects or even vignetted borders. Send the original image.
  5. Copyright. Submitted photos must be your own private property otherwise copyrights must be obtained with legal permission from the owner.

Are You Concerned Your Photo Is Not Good Enough?
Don’t be concerned! When you order your TreasureKnit, your photograph is analyzed by our graphic design team to ensure the image meets all requirements before we begin production. If your photo is unacceptable, we will notify you by email or telephone. Feel free to have our graphic design team analyze your photo before you place your order by sending your image to

Can I Choose My TreasureKnit To Be In A Landscape Orientation (Horizontal)?
Your TreasureKnit will be manufactured in an orientation solely dependent on the photo you send us. If your photograph is in landscape (horizontal) orientation, your TreasureKnit will be made in landscape (horizontal) orientation. If your photograph is in portrait (vertical) orientation, your TreasureKnit will be made in portrait (vertical) orientation.

What Size Photos Can I Submit?
Any size! From wallet size photos up to 8 x 10 !  

Does it matter if my Photograph is Black & White or Color?

  • Color photos: You can choose to have your TreasureKnit made into either a B&W or a Color TreasureKnit
  • B&W photos: We can only make a B&W reproduction TreasureKnit.

Will My Photo Be Altered By TreasureKnit?
Some photos that are submitted require creative cropping and composition in order to make a beautiful TreasureKnit. Moreover, if the photo that you submit is too wide or too narrow to fit appropriately on a TreasureKnit, your blanket may include a border along the top/bottom or sides. By using the TreasureKnit service and submitting your photo, you automatically permit TreasureKnit to crop your photograph as required. TreasureKnit does NOT notify you if the picture requires to be cropped.

What is Cropping?

Original Cropped Final
Original Photograph Cropped Photograph Final Photograph
Example of an uncropped and poorly framed photo.
Crop the main subject to occupy minimum 70% of the frame (image). Then move the subject to the center of the edited frame.
When completed, your image should look something like this. This revised image will create a beautiful TreasureKnit.

FOR BEST RESULTS: How many people/pets/subjects can be on a TreasureKnit?
We always suggest doing up to 2-3 faces so that the detail is clearly seen. If you want to submit photographs with many subjects/faces/subjects, please click here for information about submitting more than one photo(creating a collage).